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Specialized Medical Care Supporting Women’s Health

Mujtaba NP Clinic understands how essential medical care is for women’s health. Our Corona, Queens, NY clinic features a women’s health clinic line led by Dr. Ayesha Mujtaba, CNM. Dr. Mujtaba is a board-certified women’s health practitioner with comprehensive expertise in this medical area. With cutting-edge technology, Dr. Ayesha brings women’s health care demands into modern times by integrating her deep grasp of what women need and want in medicine today. She believes every woman is entitled to exceptional customer service and medical treatment. Our medical clinic shares Dr. Ayesha’s passion for women’s health and commitment to offering high-quality treatment to the community.

dr Assad checking patient

About Our Women’s Health Clinic

The Women’s Health Clinic at Mujtaba NP Clinic provides patients with a broad range of women’s medical services, starting at their initial checkup and continuing through menopause. Dr. Ayesha believes women in our community deserve quality medical treatment, paired with outstanding customer service to make their healthcare satisfactory. Our clinic focuses on meeting women’s healthcare requirements in a thoughtful, compassionate, and discreet environment with friendly, caring staff and setting. Our goal is to be a partner in our patient’s general health concerns and women-specific concerns. We recognize your healthcare requirements are unique and change over time continuously, and we look forward to being by your side at every step of your journey.

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Decades of Dedicated Medical Service

Mujtaba NP Clinic started providing medical treatment in the New York City boroughs with a commitment to serving the healthcare needs of their communities. As our clinics and service offering have grown, we have maintained our compassion for patient wellness and access to comprehensive medical care options for families and individuals. The Women’s Health Clinic is a continuation of our understanding the communities deserve exceptional healthcare options at affordable prices.

Serving Women in Corona, Queens, NY

High-quality, comprehensive medical care is easily accessible to women, with our women’s health clinic line serving patients in Queens. We offer caring treatment options to women at any age applicable to women’s healthcare, paired with the latest technology and a supportive atmosphere.

Get Caring Medical Treatment at Our Clinics