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Your Primary Care Specialist Team

Primary care is a comprehensive medical service Mujtaba NP Clinic provides patients. Corona, Queens, NY, and Clifton, NJ patients have relied on our clinics for years because of our extensive training and affordable healthcare services. Our selection of primary care services includes many regular medical options, such as aches and pains and thorough treatment for ongoing conditions. We can perform screenings, disease prevention, chronic illness management, and injury treatment, consultation, and care management.

Primary Care Services Available at Our Clinics

Mujtaba NP Clinic’s collection of primary care services encompasses a wide array of medical needs. Our healthcare providers offer all the following options to patients:

General Health

If you need an annual exam or don’t feel well, our medical professionals can help you. We also offer referrals for injuries and sports physicals. You can come to us when you’re feeling sick or need routine maintenance.

COVID-19 Hub

Our COVID-19 medical services include testing, symptom management, antigen testing, and PCR testing. You can walk in for any of these services, but we prioritize patients who make appointments. CODI-19 testing is free to eligible New Yorkers.

Telehealth Services

Visiting a physical clinic for healthcare service isn’t always an option. We are still available to help you with telehealth services with a HIPAA-compliant connection. You can get a same-day appointment with our medical team.

IV Hydration Therapy

Intravenous (IV) administration quickly delivers medications, vital fluids, electrolytes, and vitamins to a patient’s body. We can restore optimal hydration and support your immune system. IV fluids get absorbed directly into your bloodstream, and you get 100% efficiency when compared to oral intake’s 50-6-% efficiency. It takes 30-45 minutes for an IV drip, and you get immediate effects.

Sutures or Stitches

Sutures or stitches are sterile surgical threads we use to repair lacerations or cuts. Medical professionals also use them to close incisions made during surgery. Some wounds require metal staples, such as those from trauma or surgery.

Incision and Drainage (I&D)

Medical care providers use an incision and drainage procedure in various care settings, such as outpatient clinics and emergency departments. It’s a primary treatment method for soft tissue and skin abscesses, and we may pair it with adjunctive antibiotic therapy.

Quality Medical Care at Mujtaba NP Clinic

You get reliable primary care services when you visit Mujtaba NP Clinic for a broad range of general medical needs, including annual physicals, stitches for wounds, and COVID-19 testing. We cover your healthcare needs with compassionate service and treatment.

Get Caring Medical Treatment at Our Clinics