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$20 Off Your First Treatment

Mujtaba IV Therapy Spa

Mujtaba NP Clinic recommends IV hydration therapy to Corona, Queens, NY and Clifton, NJ patients for many reasons. Using intravenous (IV) delivery is the fastest way to deliver medications, electrolytes, vitamins, and vital fluids into your body to support your immune system and restore optimal hydration. The fluid gets absorbed into your bloodstream. This method has 100% efficiency, which is better than oral intake’s approximate 50-60% efficiency. You get faster recovery with almost immediate effects from a procedure that typically takes 30-45 minutes.

Morning Sickness / Nausea / Hangover

Patients who can’t keep anything down can get relief with this IV option that’s safe and effective while a woman is pregnant. Morning Sickness & Nausea drips are an ideal solution for pregnant women experiencing morning sickness or hyperemesis gravidarum during their pregnancies.

Instant Human

We administer Instant Human for times when you’re dehydrated. This one-liter drip of hydration and balanced electrolytes is perfect for patients who don’t need or want the extra supplements our other packages include.

86 Hangover

Rebalance and detoxify yourself while easing nausea and alkalizing your body after a wild night out. A fun night can result in a body that needs replenishment, and our 86 Hangover IV option gets rid of your hangover using a blend of supplements to help you balance your body. The process starts with one liter of alkalizing fluids and electrolytes to reduce inflammation and rehydrate you.

Cold & Flu Brew

If you feel like you're getting sick or you're already under the weather, our Cold & Flu Brew IV can ease your symptoms. This IV mixture supports your body and gives you a hydration boost to help you feel better.

Lean Vitality

Our Lean Vitality IV option is designed to support your weight loss efforts and energy, and it’s popular among patients as a biweekly or weekly boost. If you want to support your energy levels and wellness goals, we crafted this IV drip to be full of supplements shown to be the best at supporting optimal energy and a healthy weight.

Migraine Mix

Our Migraine Mix provides relief from your symptoms if you suffer from tension headaches, cluster headaches, or severe migraines. These painful headaches prevent you from enjoying daily life and living it your way. With our IV treatment, we can help you return to a normal day by relieving your painful symptoms.

Turn Back Time Rejuvenation Therapy

We proudly offer this mix to provide detoxification, wellness, and youth regeneration. Our Turn Back Time Rejuvenation Therapy contains NAD+, glutathione, and other top-of-the-line supplements. Many clients want a full wellness punch in one package to treat their longevity, aging, and wellness concerns, so we offer Turn Back Time.

Myers’ Cocktail

The Myers’ Cocktail is the gold standard in IV therapy and our most popular option. It was developed by a Baltimore physician named John Myers and includes a potent blend of popular IV supplements and vitamins. Dr. Myers had many patients with various chronic ailments. All these patients seemed to have success with weekly or biweekly vitamin blend IV injections.

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