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Our Team Is Trained to Help With Injury and Pain Treatment

At Mujtaba NP Clinic, we specialize in comprehensive primary care and urgent care services for our patients’ medical issues in Clifton, NJ, and Corona, Queens, NY. Injury treatment at our clinics may be necessary for wounds and other painful damage that surpasses what you can do at home to treat them. We have extensive medical training and expertise in treating a broad range of mild and severe injuries, ranging from cuts and scrapes to fractures. Without proper medical treatment, your injury can get worse over time and develop into a more severe condition like an infection or irreparable damage to your body. Let our practitioners provide professional care to resolve your pain and help you heal without risking your comfort or wellness.

hand injury treatment

Decades of History Serving the Communities

Mujtaba NP Clinic has over 40 years of history providing communities in the New York City boroughs with prompt, effective medical care. We are a registered healthcare provider in New Jersey State and New York State, with extensive medical training and credentials in comprehensive care. The Mujtaba family started our clinics to tend to the communities’ health and wellness with urgent care, primary care, women’s health, and other medical services. We have your best interests at heart and make your comfort and recovery our top priorities whenever you visit us.

Types of Injuries Mujtaba NP Clinic Treats

Many types of injuries warrant a visit to our clinic, while others may be too severe for our staff to treat. If you have a severe or open fracture, symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, or are unconscious, you will need to seek treatment at an emergency care facility. Other minor injuries might seem negligible, or you may think alcohol and a bandage will suffice. In some cases, these seemingly minor injuries might be more serious than you realize. Professional medical care is the best treatment option to ensure your pain subsides and your injury heals correctly. Mujtaba NP Clinic has ample experience treating various wounds and injuries found all over a person’s body. You can visit our clinics for any of the following examples:

  • Cuts & Scrapes
  • Wounds
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Minor Broken Bones and Simple Fractures
  • Infections Caused by Injuries

Walk-In & appointment-based Medical Care

Mujtaba NP Clinic is ready to treat your injuries and other medical concerns, whether you make an appointment or walk into our clinic with a sudden issue. If you have a fracture, wound, or another injury, don’t hesitate to seek exceptional medical treatment from us.

Get Caring Medical Treatment at Our Clinics