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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is well known to release numerous growth factors that respond to tissue injury and initial conditions for healing.

Hair loss is a very common condition.  Men tend to be affected more than women, but anyone can be impacted by hair loss, balding, and thinning.  Hair loss may have an effect on your self-esteem and confidence, that is why many people seek treatments to combat this condition.

PRP contains special cells called Platelets, that can theoretically cause the growth of your hair follicles by stimulating cells in the microenvironment of your follicles.  These special platelet cells promote healing, accelerate tissue regeneration, and help form new cellular growth. The primary purpose of using PRP in hair restoration is to stimulate inactive or newly implanted hair follicles into an active growth phase.  To begin your treatment, your blood is drawn in the same way routine blood testing is drawn. Your blood is then spun in a centrifuge and your PRP is separated and removed. This highly concentrated platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is then injected into your scalp in small injections. With PRP hair restoration, we can help to restore lost hair in a natural way