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-IPL acne therapy :

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is an effective light-based therapy, revolutionizing the treatment of acne. IPL destroys the most common bacteria that cause acne with minimal pain and downtime. The IPL system has FDA clearance for the treatment of acne.

Both men and women can benefit from IPL acne therapy treatment.  People get acne for various reasons. Many women suffer from hormonal acne, whereas men are more prone to severe forms of acne that are long-lasting. IPL Acne Therapy could benefit both types of acne.

IPL Acne Therapy is a safe, effective treatment for most skin types. It has been proven to be highly effective in treating mild to moderate inflammatory acne. The handpiece employs a broad spectrum of light that attacks acne in two ways: targeting acne bacteria and hyperactive sebaceous glands by heating the blood vessels around them. We know that many people suffer from acne that is hard to get rid of. Acne can cause self-esteem issues and leave people feeling uncomfortable in their appearance.  There are many treatments available to target acne, but many of them come with a range of side effects or lengthy downtimes. IPL Acne Therapy is a great option for people with a range of skin types who wish to treat their acne.


-IPL photo facial:

IPL Photofacial treatments provide a non-invasive therapy that leads to healthier-looking skin by targeting pigmentation, excessive redness, rosacea, broken blood vessels, and reducing pore size. IPL therapy can be used on any area of the body to minimize the signs of sun damage.

The IPL Photofacial Treatment is able to treat a range of skin concerns. It can improve the appearance of brown and red spots, freckles, redness, sun damage, rosacea, and pigment imperfections (on fair skin types). For darker skin types for hyperpigmentation or melasma, view Q-Switched Nd YAG.


-IPL laser hair removal :

Laser Hair Removal is an alternative to the irritating side effects of shaving and saves time in the morning. Laser hair removal at our practice can typically treat all skin types. This procedure uses laser light beams to target the hair follicle to reduce hair growth in that area. A series of treatments will be required at 4 – 8-week intervals. You won’t have to worry about waxing, shaving, or plucking!

Patients with unwanted hair, irritating ingrown hairs, and those who spend a lot of time and money on waxing or shaving hair can usually benefit from laser hair removal. It used to be only available for those with dark hair, light skin, and no tan, but now laser hair removal can treat all skin types.

Laser hair removal works by eliminating the production of hair with laser energy. The laser light is absorbed by hair follicles and destroys the pigment. It does this without damaging the skin and surrounding tissue. It normally takes a series of treatments to achieve ideal results. The most common areas for laser hair removal are the lip, chin, underarms, bikini area, and legs.


-Q-Switched Nd YAG:

The Q-Switched Nd YAG applicator operates at a 1064 wavelength and is suited to treat pigmented spots, melasma, hyperpigmentation for darker skin types, and tattoo removal for any skin type. Using the Nd YAG Q-Switched applicator, we target darker pigmented cells like those from an unwanted tattoo. Q Switch is the cosmetic laser of choice to reduce and eventually eliminate unwanted pigment that occurs in isolated spots. The Q Switched laser is effective at removing hyperpigmentation and discolorations of the skin including:


Brown spots

Age spots

Sun freckles

Pigmentation from acne scars


Dark tattoos

Q Switch is an excellent addition to skin rejuvenation increasing collagen and elastin levels which maintain the elasticity and firmness of your skin. This laser leaves the skin brighter, more radiant, and glowing.


-Multi spot Nd Yag:

Multi spot Nd YAG module allows for the treatment of deeper vascular lesions, including leg veins unresponsive to sclerotherapy. The M22 is especially well-suited for the management of vascular and pigmented lesions, making it useful for blood vessels and telangiectasis associated with rosacea or telangiectasis and pigmentation associated with chronic photodamage. It is also useful for hemangiomas, port-wine stains, and warts.


-Results laser:

Among the most effective skincare treatments we offer is laser skin resurfacing for our patients using the ResurFX system. It is the only truly non-ablative fractional laser treatment, and it is a safe and comfortable option for successfully treating skin concerns on both the face and body. It is a non-ablative laser, meaning it stimulates the skin to develop collagen without harming any tissue. The ResurFX is a great option for patients who want to treat various skin conditions with minimal downtime. This is a gentle laser treatment that can treat age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, loose skin, uneven skin tone, acne scars, enlarged pores, skin discoloration, and stretch marks. Thanks to the Lumenis® resurfacing treatment ResurFX™, your skin can look clearer, tighter, firmer, and more youthful.


-Excimer laser :

Excimer laser treatments use the power of ultraviolet (UV) light to treat a wide variety of skin conditions, including psoriasis, vitiligo, atopic dermatitis, eczema, and white scars.

There are many benefits of using ultraviolet laser treatments over other therapies. These benefits include:


Precision – a UV laser targets affected skin and spare surrounding healthy tissue from exposure

Comfortable – Unlike other types of laser treatments that can cause discomfort, excimer lasers are pain-free

Fast recovery times – laser treatments cause virtually no downtime for patients

Effectiveness – treatment with excimer lasers provides rapid results and long remissions, even in cases where the condition has not responded to other treatments

Treatment plans usually feature laser treatment sessions twice a week for several months.

Patients begin to experience positive results after just a few sessions and enjoy several months of treatment-free remission at the end of the course of treatment. After excimer laser treatments, patients enjoy greater self-esteem and improved quality of life; many are glad to wear their favorite clothing that shows off their healthy skin.